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Step 1: All About That Base



Half + Half

mix your favorite greens with your favorite paella!

Step 2: Who’s Your Main?

Step 3: Now Dip, Baby, Dip

Step 4: Y’all Had Enough? Now Gimme Some More!

Step 5: Make Dressing Move


Drinks on Drinks on Drinks

The Sweet Life

VG is for the kids

Ninety-Nine Problems But A Bowl Ain't One


La Valenciana

Base: chicken paella
Main: grilled chicken
Dip: lemon~garlic aioli
Toppings: crunchy rice, lemon, parsley
Dressing: parsley~garlic


El Vegetariano

Base: harvest grain paella, arugula
Main: vegan spanish ratatouille, vegan herb~bean salad
Dips: black garlic aioli
Toppings: cabbage~apple slaw, crunchy rice, pearled couscous, cucumber, marinated tomatoes, spicy carrots
Dressing: green sauce


La Barceloneta

Base: seafood paella
Main: grilled shrimp
Dip: romesco sauce
Toppings: crunchy rice, toasted garlic, lemon, marinated tomatoes, parsley
Dressing: saffron~citrus


Las Vegas Hustle

Base: mushroom~chickpea paella
Main: grilled steak
Dip: roasted red pepper~feta
Toppings: tomato~pepper salad, parsley, toasted garlic, olives, basque pickled peppers
Dressing: red sauce


La Mixta

Base: seafood paella, supergreens
Main: grilled chicken
Dip: creamy eggplant
Toppings: toasted garlic, crunchy rice, tomato~pepper salad, lemon
Dressing: smoked paprika


La Tourista

Base: chicken paella
Main: grilled chicken
Dip: charred broccoli
Toppings: crispy chorizo, crunchy rice, sweet corn salad, lemon, pickled onions
Dressing: chorizo vinaigrette